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About LyricsBadger

What is this?

This is a site that I knocked up for fun, to become more familiar with the excellent Template Toolkit for Perl, and as a testbed for my Lyrics::Fetcher Perl module.

I then converted it to use the excellent Dancer web framework for Perl.

Who did this?

I'm David Precious, a developer from Stevenage, Herts. Read more about me on my blog and my (old) website for more info.

How does this work?

The backend for this site is built entirely in Perl. powered by the excellent Dancer web framework and using Template Toolkit to render content.

It uses my Lyrics::Fetcher module to locate song lyrics on the Internet. Lyrics::Fetcher is a fetcher manager, using several plugins to locate lyrics from various places. I may well write more fetcher plugins in the near future to make it even better at finding lyrics (if you'd like that, do let me know).


This site was developed by and is copyright of David Precious. Lyrics which you may access using this site are owned by and copyright of their original owners. This site does not publish lyrics, it simply locates lyrics already on the Internet and displays them in much the same way a search engine would.

If you represent a copyright holder who does not want their lyrics to be accessible, please see the page.

What's with the badger?

Badgers rock. Enough said.

LyricsBadger is powered by the Dancer web framework, and uses Lyrics::Fetcher by David Precious.

Lyrics are the property and copyright of their owners, and are provided for educational purposes only - view legal information.