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Doubly Good to You - Acappella

If you see the moon rising gently on your fields
If the wind blows softly on your face
If the sunset lingers while cathedral bells peal
And the moon has risen to her place
You can thank the Father for the things that He has done
And thank Him for the things He's yet to do (if you find a love)
And if you find a love that's tender, if you find someone who's true (thank the Lord)
Thank the Lord (thank you Lord), He's been doubly good to you
And if you look in the mirror at the end of a hard day
And you know in your heart you have not lied
And if you gave love freely, if you 'veearned an honest wage
And if you've got Jesus by your side
Repeat Chorus (x2)
Thank the Lord, He's been doubly good to you

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