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Great - Acappella

Like a machine in pursuit, on the horizon like a raging fire, we move,
driven by questions in an endless search for truth. there is a
stirring in us, a great awakening begins
Chorus: I believe there's a mighty power. I believe it's a latter
rain. I believe there's a move of God calling us all higher. Oh I
believe these are the days of the great awakening.
More than our hearts can contain, it is an overflow of God's amazing
grace coming to reconcile a world that's lost its way. Oh all
consuming fire come purify us once again.
Repeat Chorus
Bridge: there's no containing this great move of restoration. It
knows no wall, no boundaries or lines. Without a doubt I do believe if
we'll just get down on our knees the latter rain is gonna fall. It's
just a matter of time.
Repeat Chorus

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