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Lord We Love You - Acappella

Lord we love you we
Bow before you we
All adore you and
Lift your lovely name
Lord we praise you we
Kneel before you we
All say "thank you" and
Magnify your name
We are devoted to your holy word (holy word)
And to your fellowship of saved (fellowship)
We're breaking bread together with you Lord (breaking bread)
And with our humbled hearts we pray (hearts we pray)
We are assembled in your holy name (holy name)
Each with a song, a word, a prayer (word we pray)
We'll concentrate on giving you the praise (give you praise)
Courage with one another share (we will share)
Repeat Chorus
We are united in your Holy Spirit (holy One)
We are one heart, one soul, one mind (we are one)
If anyone is budened we will hear it (every one)
And we never will divide (God is one)
We're gathered now to each other up (build it up)
To grow in love and hope and faith (holy love)
We share your oneness in the bread and cup (share the cup)
And we unite with you in praise (praise you Lord)
Repeat Chorus
Lord we love you we
Bow before you we
All adore you and
Magnify your name
Oh yes) Magnify your name
(We will) Magnify your name
(Jesus) Magnify your name
Holy Lord

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