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Sweet - Acappella

feat. Akon
Come on
We gon' take 'em all the way back down with this one
Step it up and keep it mellow and high
Come on
(Akon in background)
(Verse 1)
[Miwa Yoshida] We lay like lovers
In a warm embrace
[Akon] Lovers in a warm embrace
[Miwa Yoshida] Your kisses thrill me
Like no one before
[Akon] Eh
[Miwa Yoshida] Baby, I'm all yours (Uh huh)
Living just for you (Uh huh)
[Akon] Uh huh
(Verse 2)
[Miwa Yoshida] I can see the moonlight
Shining through the mist
[Akon] Shining through the mist
[Miwa Yoshida] The moonbeams playing
Over you and me
[Akon] Eh
[Miwa Yoshida] I see the light of love (Uh huh)
Shining in your eyes (Uh huh)
[Akon] Uh huh
Yeah (Break it down)
Hook: Miwa Yoshida
Holding you in my arms
Loving you beneath the stars
I don't want the night to steal you
Steal you away
Chorus: Dreams Come True
Hold me close
I want you so
Don't you know that, baby?
Your love has touched
My very soul
Can you feel it, baby?
Never let me go
Darling cause we're
So in love
And we can dream on
Sweet dream
We gon' bring it back down a little bit
Let's go
(Verse 3)
[Miwa Yoshida] Your shadow captured
In the silent night
[Akon] In the silent night
[Miwa Yoshida] I feel your breath, it whispers
Like a breeze
[Akon] Eh
[Miwa Yoshida] Oh baby, please be mine (Uh huh)
Til the end of time (Uh huh)
[Akon] Uh huh
Repeat Hook
Steal you away
Steal you away
Repeat Chorus
{*Miwa Yoshida harmonizing*}
So what
Oh, what
{*Miwa Yoshida harmonizing*}

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