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Spirit - Chicane

Can you feel the pain i feel?
I've lost all sense of what is real
I'm lost, in a world i detest
Can you feel the pain i feel?
This wound i've got will never heal
I'm lost, in the serpents own nest
Oh - set me free - crucify life itself
And let your joy be the reality,
Our suffering life - the dream
Pain, the highest order
Scorching the inside of my skin
Terminal spirit disease
An itch of thirst twisting my tortured nerves
Kill the worm that is depression
Join the leeches of opression
Unrure - twisted - logic now die
Kill the worm that is depression
My fevered - circle of damnation
Consumed by this torment divine
Terminal spirit disease
Terminal spirit disease
Your souls condemned to sing of life
Must die to be set free

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