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Violet - Coldplay

Was a long and dark December
From the rooftops I remember
There was snow
White snow
Clearly I remember
From the windows they were watching
While we froze down below
When the future’s architectured
By a carnival of idiots on show
You’d better lie low
If you love me
Won’t you let me know?
Was a long and dark December
When the banks became cathedrals
And the fog
Became God
Priests clutched onto bibles
Hollowed out to fit their rifles
And the cross was held aloft
There in me an armour
When im dead and hit the ground
Loves a poem
That unfolds
If you love me
Won't you let me know?
I don't want to be a soldier
With a captain of some sinking ship
Far below
If you love me
Why'd you let me go?
I took my love down to violet hill
There we sat in the snow
All that time
She was silent still
If you love me
Won't you let me know
If you love me
Why don't you let me know

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