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The Shape You - Eric Clapton

By eric clapton
I took my baby to see a show.
She was telling me she didn't want to go.
I said, "come on girl, what's the matter with you?"
But i could tell by the smell that she'd had a few.
I said hold on girl don't get too tight,
You started early and we've got all night.
You've got to take it easy, take it slow.
We don't want the whole world to know
About the shape you're in.
Well, my little girl really loves that wine.
Wine will do it to her most everytime.
If it's red or it's white or it's in between,
She can drink more wine than i've ever seen.
Now i'm not trying to get heavy with you.
I'll mind my own business if you want me to.
But i love you girl, i don't love no one else.
I'm just telling you baby 'cause i've been there myself.

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