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Confusion - Fela Kuti

Woke up in a panic,
Like somebody fired a gun
I wish i could be dreaming,
But the nightmare's just begun.
There's flooding in the basement,
There's water all around.
There's woodworm in the attic
And the ceiling just fell down.
I'm in a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
I'm in a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
All the dirty dishes
Are still in the kitchen sink.
The tumble dryer's broken,
Now the telly's on the blink.
My girlfriend's packed her bags
And moved out to another town.
She couldn't stand the boredom
When the video broke down.
Don't know why i feel so bad.
Is it the weather, or am i going mad?
Don't know why i feel this way.
I don't know whether i'm coming or i'm going,
Can't cover up 'cause it's obviously showing.
It's a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
We're in a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
I don't know whether i'm coming or i'm going.
Should feel happy, should feel glad.
I'm alive and it can't be bad,
But back on planet earth they shatter the illusion,
The world's going 'round in a state of confusion.
Standing on an island
In the middle of the road.
Traffic either side of me,
Which way will i go?
I should've stayed at home,
I should have never come outside.
Now i wish i never tried
To cross the other side.
I'm in a state (state)
State of confusion (whooooh).
It's a state (state)
Of confusion (whooooh).
Lyin' awake in a cold, cold sweat,
Am i overdrawn, am i going in debt?
It gets worse, the older that you get.
No escape from the state of confusion i'm in.
State of confusion i'm in.

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