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(You've Got) The Heart Of A St - Oasis

Wikipedia|Oasis (band)|Oasis}}
==[[Oasis:Definitely Maybe (1994)|Definitely Maybe (1994)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Definitely Maybe.jpg|Definitely Maybe}}
# '''[[Oasis:Rock 'N' Roll Star|Rock 'n' Roll Star]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Shakermaker|Shakermaker]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Live Forever|Live Forever]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Up In The Sky|Up In the Sky]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Columbia|Columbia]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Supersonic|Supersonic]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Bring It On Down|Bring It on Down]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Cigarettes & Alcohol|Cigarettes & Alcohol]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Digsy's Dinner|Digsy's Dinner]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Slide Away|Slide Away]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Married With Children|Married With Children]]'''
==[[Oasis:(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)|(What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?.jpg|(What's the Story) Morning Glory?}}
# '''[[Oasis:Hello|Hello]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Roll With It|Roll With It]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Wonderwall|Wonderwall]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Don't Look Back In Anger|Don't Look Back in Anger]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Hey Now!|Hey Now!]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Untitled #1|Untitled #1]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Some Might Say|Some Might Say]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Cast No Shadow|Cast No Shadow]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:She's Electric|She's Electric]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Morning Glory|Morning Glory]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Untitled #2|Untitled #2]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Champagne Supernova|Champagne Supernova]]'''
==[[Oasis:Be Here Now (1997)|Be Here Now (1997)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Be Here Now.jpg|Be Here Now}}
# '''[[Oasis:D'You Know What I Mean?|D'You Know What I Mean?]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:My Big Mouth|My Big Mouth]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Magic Pie|Magic Pie]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Stand By Me|Stand By Me]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:I Hope, I Think, I Know|I Hope, I Think, I Know]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Girl In The Dirty Shirt|The Girl in the Dirty Shirt]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Fade In-Out|Fade In-Out]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Don't Go Away|Don't Go Away]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Be Here Now|Be Here Now]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:All Around The World|All Around the World]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)|It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:All Around The World (Reprise)|All Around the World (Reprise)]]'''
==[[Oasis:The Masterplan (1998)|The Masterplan (1998)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - The Masterplan.jpg|The Masterplan}}
# '''[[Oasis:Acquiesce|Acquiesce]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Underneath The Sky|Underneath the Sky]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Talk Tonight|Talk Tonight]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Going Nowhere|Going Nowhere]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Fade Away|Fade Away]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Swamp Song|The Swamp Song]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:I Am The Walrus (Live)|I Am the Walrus (Live)]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Listen Up|Listen Up]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Rockin' Chair|Rockin' Chair]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Half The World Away|Half the World Away]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:(It's Good) To Be Free|(It's Good) To Be Free]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Stay Young|Stay Young]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Headshrinker|Headshrinker]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Masterplan|The Masterplan]]'''
==[[Oasis:Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants (2000)|Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.jpg|Standing on the Shoulder of Giants}}
# '''[[Oasis:Fuckin' In The Bushes|Fuckin' in the Bushes]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Go Let It Out|Go Let It Out]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Who Feels Love?|Who Feels Love?]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is|Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Little James|Little James]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Gas Panic!|Gas Panic!]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Where Did It All Go Wrong?|Where Did It All Go Wrong?]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Sunday Morning Call|Sunday Morning Call]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:I Can See A Liar|I Can See a Liar]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Roll It Over|Roll It Over]]'''
==[[Oasis:Heathen Chemistry (2002)|Heathen Chemistry (2002)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Heathen Chemistry.jpg|Heathen Chemistry}}
# '''[[Oasis:The Hindu Times|The Hindu Times]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Force Of Nature|Force of Nature]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Hung In A Bad Place|Hung in a Bad Place]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Stop Crying Your Heart Out|Stop Crying Your Heart Out]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Songbird|Songbird]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Little By Little|Little by Little]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:A Quick Peep|A Quick Peep]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:(Probably) All In The Mind|(Probably) All in the Mind]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:She Is Love|She Is Love]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Born On A Different Cloud|Born on a Different Cloud]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Better Man|Better Man]]'''
==[[Oasis:Don't Believe The Truth (2005)|Don't Believe the Truth (2005)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth.jpg|Don't Believe the Truth}}
# '''[[Oasis:Turn Up The Sun|Turn Up the Sun]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Mucky Fingers|Mucky Fingers]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Lyla|Lyla]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Love Like A Bomb|Love Like a Bomb]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Importance Of Being Idle|The Importance of Being Idle]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Meaning Of Soul|The Meaning of Soul]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Guess God Thinks I'm Abel|Guess God Thinks I'm Abel]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Part Of The Queue|Part of the Queue]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Keep The Dream Alive|Keep the Dream Alive]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:A Bell Will Ring|A Bell Will Ring]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Let There Be Love|Let There Be Love]]'''
==[[Oasis:Dig Out Your Soul (2008)|Dig Out Your Soul (2008)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul.jpg|Dig Out Your Soul}}
# '''[[Oasis:Bag It Up|Bag It Up]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Turning|The Turning]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Waiting For The Rapture|Waiting for the Rapture]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Shock Of The Lightning|The Shock of the Lightning]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:I'm Outta Time|I'm Outta Time]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady|(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Falling Down|Falling Down]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:To Be Where There's Life|To Be Where There's Life]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Ain't Got Nothin|Ain't Got Nothin]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:The Nature Of Reality|The Nature of Reality]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Soldier On|Soldier On]]'''
===Definitely Maybe (1994)===
*'''[[Oasis:Take Me Away|Take Me Away]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:I Will Believe (Live)|I Will Believe (Live)]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?|D'Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Alive (8-Track-Demo)|Alive (8 Track Demo)]]'''
===(What's the Story Morning) Glory? (1995)===
*'''[[Oasis:It's Better People|It's Better People]]'''
===Be Here Now (1997)===
*'''[[Oasis:Angel Child|Angel Child (Demo)]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:(I Got) The Fever|(I Got) The Fever]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:My Sister Lover|My Sister Lover]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:The Fame|The Fame]]'''
===Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)===
*'''[[Oasis:Let's All Make Believe|Let's All Make Believe]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:(As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell|(As Long As They've Got) Cigarettes In Hell]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:One Way Road|One Way Road]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Carry Us All|Carry Us All]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Full On|Full On]]'''
===Heathen Chemistry (2002)===
*'''[[Oasis:Just Getting Older|Just Getting Older]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Idler's Dream|Idler's Dream]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Thank You For The Good Times|Thank You for the Good Times]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Shout It Out Loud|Shout It Out Loud]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:(You've Got) A Heart Of A Star|(You've Got) The Heart of a Star]]'''
===Don't Believe the Truth (2005)===
*'''[[Oasis:Eyeball Tickler|Eyeball Tickler]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Won't Let You Down|Won't Let You Down]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Pass Me Down The Wine|Pass Me Down the Wine]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:The Quiet Ones|The Quiet Ones]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Sittin' Here In Silence (On My Own)|Sittin' Here in Silence (On My Own)]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Can Y'see It Now? (I Can See It Now!!)|Can Y'see It Now? (I Can See It Now!!)]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Who Put The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders?|Who Put the Weight of the World on My Shoulders?]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Lord Don't Slow Me Down|Lord Don't Slow Me Down]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:See The Sun|See the Sun]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Better Let You Know|Better Let You Know]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Take Me|Take Me]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Must Be The Music|Must Be the Music]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Solve My Mystery|Solve My Mystery]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Colour My Life|Colour My Life]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Bonehead's Bank Holiday|Bonehead's Bank Holiday]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Strange Thing|Strange Thing]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:I Will Show You|I Will Show You]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:Life In Vain|Life In Vain]]'''
==[[Oasis:Familiar To Millions (2000)|Familiar to Millions (2000)]]==
{{Album Art|Oasis - Familiar To Millions.jpg|Familiar To Millions (2000)}}
===Disc One===
# '''[[Oasis:Fuckin' In The Bushes|Fuckin' In The Bushes]]''' (intro tape)
# '''[[Oasis:Go Let It Out|Go Let It Out]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Who Feels Love?|Who Feels Love?]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Supersonic|Supersonic]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Shakermaker|Shakermaker]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Acquiesce|Acquiesce]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Step Out|Step Out]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Gas Panic!|Gas Panic!]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Roll With It|Roll With It]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Stand By Me|Stand By Me]]'''
===Disc Two===
# '''[[Oasis:Wonderwall|Wonderwall]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Cigarettes & Alcohol|Cigarettes & Alcohol]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Don't Look Back In Anger|Don't Look Back In Anger]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Live Forever|Live Forever]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Hey Hey, My My|Hey Hey, My My]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Champagne Supernova|Champagne Supernova]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Rock 'n' Roll Star|Rock 'n' Roll Star]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Helter Skelter|Helter Skelter]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:All You Need Is Love|All You Need Is Love]]'''
*'''[[Oasis:This Guy's In Love With You|This Guy's in Love with You]]'''
==Other Songs==
# '''[[Oasis:Stop The Clocks|Stop The Clocks]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Trouble|Trouble]]'''
# '''[[Oasis:Mrs. Robinson|Mrs. Robinson]]'''
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