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Dirty Old Town - Rod Stewart

Ewan McColl)
Found my love by the gaswork croft
Dreamed a dream by the old canalKissed my girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town, dirty old townI heard a siren from the dock
Saw a train set the night on fireSmelled the spring on the sulfured wind
Dirty old town, whoa-oh, dirty old townWe're goin' to take a good sharp axe
Shining steel tempered in the fireAnd we'll chop you down like an old dead tree
Dirty old town, dirty old townDirty old town, whoa-oh, dirty old town
And oh we'll chop you downOh, dirty, dirty, dirty old town
Dirty old town, dirty old townAnd oh whoa-oh dirty old town
Chop you down one of these days

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