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Every Beat Of My Heart - Rod Stewart

r. stewart, k. savigar)
Through these misty eyes
I see lonely skies
Lonely road to babylon
Where's my family
And my country
Heaven knows where i belong
Pack my bags tonight
Here's one jacobite
Who must leave or surely die
Put me on a train
In the pouring rain
Say farewell but don't say goodbye
Seagull carry me, over land and sea
To my own folk, that's where i want to be
Every beat of my heart
Tears me further apart
I'm lost and alone in the dark
I'm going home
One more glass of wine
Just for auld lang syne
And the girl i left behind
How i miss her now
In my darkest hour
And the way our arms entwine
And we'll drink a toast
To the blood red rose
Cheer a while the emerald isle
And to the northern lights
And the swirling pipes
How they make a grown man cry

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